Taktältsleverans nummer 1 ⛺

Roof tent delivery number 1 ⛺

Update tent tent delivery!


Now things are really happening and the tents are on their way to us.


Over the next two weeks, we will receive two large deliveries of roof tents.

If we are lucky, a delivery will arrive already this week.


You who receive this email have ordered a tent for home delivery or pick up in our store in Värnamo.


To book Assembly & Review or Pick up in store.



If you have booked home delivery, your tent will be sent by return mail within a few days of delivery to us.





In what delivery is my roof tent?

We have not yet received a packing list for which tents are in which delivery.

As soon as we know, we will announce it. 


Can I borrow a demo tent due to the delay?

No, we only have 5 demo tents in the store, but over 100 customers waiting for tents.


Can I pick up my tent the same day they come to you?

No, not the same day. But the next day goes well.



Will the roof tent be fitted?


There are only a few things you need to assemble to be able to start camping.

You will find detailed instructions here:




I have ordered home delivery, when will the tent arrive?

We will send out your roof tent with DHL Home Delivery 1-2 days after the delivery has arrived to us.


My invoice has already come from clear how do I do?

Since we have clearly announced that the tents will be coming soon, a due date has already been postponed and therefore it is no longer possible to postpone the invoice.


Can I cancel my purchase?

Of course. Send us an email with the order number and we will cancel the order and the money will be refunded within a few days.


Do I receive compensation for the delay or because I have to change the holiday?

No, we have no opportunity to compensate you for anything we can not influence. If we have made a mistake, we will of course replace the mistake.

Delays are due to Covid, container breezes and the sky-high shipping prices from Asia to Europe. (10x higher than previous years).




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